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Werner Thiedig
Historische Aufnahme Dr. Thiedig + Co.
Historische Aufnahme Dr. Thiedig + Co.
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Familienbetrieb Dr. Thieidg + Co.
Gebäuder der ehemaligen Brauerei Groterjan in der Prinzenallee in Berlin-Wedding

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Auslieferung des 200. Probenahmecontainers

Foundation of Dr. Thiedig + Co by Dr. Werner Thiedig in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. Owing to his technical craftmanship, creativity and inventiveness, the father of the current General Manager Hans-Jürgen Thiedig developed technical equipment such as high-pressure dosing pumps/devices/valves, piston compressors, microscopes and laboratory supplies.


Development of modern sampling technology in cooperation with the VGB and the German power plant industry (Siemens KWU, BBC, Hartmann & Braun, etc.)


Take-over of the production under licence of oxygen analysers according to a patent developed by the Federal Institute for Materials Research (Prof. Toedt, Dr. Teske) for Hartmann und Braun. Constant further development of the analysers "Elcoflux" for oxygen traces in gases and "Oxyflux" for oxygen traces in boiler-feed water. 


Death of the founder Dr. Werner Thiedig. The two sons Hans-Jürgen Thiedig and Bernd Thiedig have succeeded in the footsteps of their father and continue to lead the company with new ideas.


Relocation to the new premises in Prinzenallee 78-79 in the Berlin district of Wedding. The industrial monument, built in 1928 by Bruno Buch, fulfill all increased demands of the expanding company.


1,000 projects were successfully processed.


Taking-over  Dr. Leye GmbH Analysentechnik


Taking-over EWT-Laborsysteme


Delivery of the 200th sampling container

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