Analysing technology in power plants

con 6 m pH value

The measuring transducer con 6 m has one channel for continuous monitoring of the pH-value.

The continuous pH-value determination by means of a glass electrode has the advantage that it functions independently of the chemical conditions (such as Na3PO4 dosage in boiler feed water) compared with the modern pH-value determination. pH-glass electrodes are manufacturer-independent wear and tear components and require regular maintenance and calibration. The calibration by means of pH buffer solutions can be carried out in just a few steps due to the simple operability of the con 6 m on site.

Furthermore, the measuring transducer con 6 m offers the option of integrating a flow measurement for monitoring the sample flow within the framework of the representative and VGB-compliant sample analysis. For a flexible use, the measuring transducer could be equipped with a broad-range mains adapter at the factory (4 wire principle). Alternatively, there is also a 2-wire-version available where separate auxiliary voltage is not required.

con 6 m

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