High-pressure components

High-pressure shut-off valve VD 50

The high-pressure shut-off valve of the type 50 is a universally usable valve for liquid media and steams at temperatures of up to 400C and pressures up to 268 bar.

The gland packing is made of multiple layers of graphite and is free of asbestos. (For certain applications also available in Teflon)

The gland packing is constructed in such a way that the so-called gland nut can be tightened during operation.

The spindle thread is located on top of the gland nut and never comes in contact with the medium in case of leakage.

  • Connections R1/2" or SZ10 (other versions upon request)
  • kv-value = 0.48 m3/h (m3/h at Δp = 1 bar)

Hochdruck-Absperrventil VD 50

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Tabelle Absperrventil VD 50

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